How can we make Incogneato even better?

We're always trying to improve Corpell Anonymous Box. If you have any ideas/suggestions, we'd love to hear about them.
Anonymous Voting and Discussion
I'd love to see suggestions be posted on a message board and an "upvote" feature added. Our company would like to allow employees to vote on suggestions to improve the workplace and implement the top vote-getters.
This is an awesome idea. I'd love to see this too.
This has been implemented. Enjoy!
would be nice if you had subscription options instead of extension tokens
We've added a "12-Month Unlimited Box Token", which is essentially a subscription option. It lets you create an unlimited number of new boxes for 1 year. It doesn't auto-renew yet, but renewing is as simple of buying another token (or multiple tokens and stacking them for a multi-year renewal).
your suggestion box links look like they could be unique tracking links which may still make people nervous about responding. If the link was obviously unique it would be better. E.g., " ofcourse that makes it harder to have short links but most of these will be clicked on anyway.
This is cool
Add the ability to restrict suggestion box by IP address
How about other ways to restrict access, like with a password.
This feature has been implemented. You can both restrict a box by IP address and password.
You can add real-time message updates.

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